about us

Once upon a time, a teenage boy with a love for adventure set out on a journey to reach the corner of the world. The boy began his journey by buying himself an express train ticket for as far as it went. He traveled and traveled from one country to another, but never reached closer to the corner of the world. His journey was filled with amazing experiences of trying different cuisines and understanding different cultures. Each time he visited a new place it gave him a boost of energy much like the espresso he used to take in the morning. After several years of travel, one night he was roaming the idle streets of the city and met a beggar passing by. The beggar asked what he was searching for and the boy told him he’s looking for the corner of the world. The beggar laughed at him and said, for me the corner of the world is anyplace I can find food to fill my belly. And suddenly the boy had an epiphany. A year later he laid foundation of the Espresso Express. Bringing together the best cuisines of the world in one place, for the people to appreciate and rejoice in the makings of the universe.

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